ALBA countries condemn the coup against President Fernando Lugo of Paraguay.


ALBA countries condemn the coup against President Fernando Lugo of Paraguay.

Country members of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas, ALBA-TCP, categorically condemn and repudiate the coup that has been carried out today, June 22, 2012, with the action of 39 Senators from Paraguay, who to consummate the coup, promoted a deeply flawed impeachment.

The alleged summary impeachment was implemented in 24 hours, with a regulation made “fitting” the defendant, in violation of the basic rules of such process and violating Constitutional President of the Republic Fernando Lugo’s most basic right to defend himself. He was given just 2 hours to present his defense.

Among the extraordinary accusations against President Lugo were issues such as signing a Protocol for Democracy in MERCOSUR, having allowed a youth meeting at a military installation and being responsible for the deaths of people and land eviction, which was not even requested by the government but by the judiciary. The indictment stated that it was not necessary to present evidence of any of those allegations.

Thus a trial that had a prior conviction from the start, instigated by the right and the Paraguayan oligarchy, have brought a blow to Latin American and Caribbean democracy, usurping the power that was under the responsibility of a popularly elected President.

This action has led Paraguay to old political practices, which we believed had been overcome, and an illegitimate government has been installed.

The governments that are members of ALBA-TCP express our firm solidarity with the Constitutional President elected by the people of Paraguay, Fernando Lugo and reiterate our support for the brave people of Paraguay who have taken to the streets to protest this despicable action.

The ALBA nations do not recognize the de facto president Federico Franco, elected by the 39 votes of the Paraguayan Senate.

Finally, from the ALBA – TCP we warn the countries of the world about this new form of coup, allegedly parliamentary and institutional, which would be implemented in order to attack Latin America and the Caribbean’s independence and integration processes.

June 22, 2012


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  1. something similar is being done to JUlian Assange:laws are being manipulated
    another abuse of power in the service of empire: The Australian Government Is Actually Passing New Laws To Help The US Extradite Julian Assange

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